Good grief! We have been so busy we have forgotten to update our blog. We are now going to do this every Friday after Jump Jam. Everyone will take turns and participate!!!

We have been learning about Friedrich Hundertwasser and his art work. He believed in recycling, using mosaic’s, getting the community involved, and not using straight lines. His work was exquisite, unique and lot’s of plummage. We have made Pillars from pots. We had to paint them with primer to keep the paint on. We then painted them lot’s of different colours. We had to mosaic tile an image that represented our community. We have now been varnishing them so the paint won’t wash off. And it makes them shiny! We put in our poles for the pillars on Friday. We had to drill the pots, dig holes, and make concrete to set them in place. This weekend we will put the pots onto the poles.

We have been receiving postcards from around the world. Our first one was from Thailand. We have also got some from Hawaii, Macquarrie Islands, Auckland, The Shetland Islands, and Australia.

For Anzac Day we made a wreath to put on the Memorial by Mcdonalds. Madison, Ella, Claudia, Jared, Gabby, Conor and Jeromy were at the parade.

We had a Market Day to raise money for the ‘Million Dollar Mouse’. This will reduce the amount of mice on the Antipodes Island so snipe, parakeets, albatrosses and penguins can be safe.

We have a class travelling friend called Sir Enderguin. He goes and stays at people’s houses for fun. He is currently in Australia with Gabby. I wonder what they will get up to?

We have been collecting Colgate Cartons for the competition. We are placed 4th so far… Everyone at school has been working hard to collect cartons for us. We appreciate it! On rainy lunchtimes we make sculptures. Our last one was a toothbrush made from 192 cartons!!!

We had Student Led Conferences. They went well! We had to reflect on our conferences and give any changes to Mrs Livingstone.

Think that is all the updates…

We’re Back!

Kia Ora,

Welcome back to Term 2! Hope you all had a restful break! We have a Student Teacher in our room for 2 weeks, Miss Osborn. She has been teaching us Measurement.

We have been soooo busy already! On Monday we ‘no more nailed’ our stones out by the vege garden with Room 1. They sure are bright but we think they look great. We now need to lay down some bark.

On Tuesday some of us made a wreath to take to the Dawn Service on Wednesday morning. Claudia, Ella, Jeromy, Conor, Maddy and Gabby went to the service and laid the wreath on the memorial with Miss Casey.

Wednesday we relaxed at home – felt like holidays again!

On Thursday we discussed some ideas for this term. Gosh! We are going to be even busier.

Then Friday, we had the Life Education bus where we learnt out our body systems; digestive, nervous, circulatory and respiratory. Lost of interesting facts! We also got to make ANZAC biscuits with Miss Osborn as part of our Measurement unit. They tasted good!!!!

Busy, busy, busy! I look forward to next week!

High’s and Lows of the Week!

Kia Ora,
We have had a interesting, busy and intense week!
Our highlights of the week:

  • learning that Antarctica is made out of different rocks and it has the two most active volcanoes in the world
  • we got to run the 800 metres for Athletics
  • we enjoyed listening to the Oral Language presentations
  • we are really enjoying Cracamac – this is a fun way to do maths and learn how to problem solve
  • we are enjoying writing our Memoir’s about camp
  • we enjoyed planting the swan plants with Room 1 – our buddy class
  • we enjoyed writing a reply to Mr Tiatia’s letter. (Posted on the blog above)
  • writing about Steve plunging the sink
  • Guided Reading because we are exploring Antarctica and the animals
Our lowlights for the week:
  • the 800m run for Athletics
  • breaking up the brick for the worm farm – tricky!
  • hearing/smelling Steve plunging the blocked sink – stinky!
  • having to catch up on our Thesaurus work we did not complete
We had ERO in this week – they talked to us about our learning; writing, maths and our goals. It was intense!
Hope you enjoy St Patricks Day!
From the ‘Spirit of 10’


Kia Ora,
Hope you have all had a great week!
We have been busy writing about our experiences of camp. The children are writing some great memoir’s about a special moment at camp. It’s great to see all the new vocabulary being used; helping to show the reader and not tell us. It makes it more exciting! We will publish these soon all in time for our Camp Evening – date still yet to be confirmed:)

Athletics Day was great. Couldn’t have had better weather – nice to have the sun back too! Check out the photos below!
We had a discussion in class about the children taking responsibility for their learning, and spending time completing the tasks set in class. We looked at their Sounds Alive, which generally, was not being completed. We decided that Sounds Alive would now go home to be completed until the children show me they can take responsibility for their learning. On Monday, your child will bring home a list showing their level. Further lists can be obtained from the School Website. I will not check their Sounds Alive, however they will have two in class tests a term. I will re-evaluate this decision mid Term 2. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

A challenge has been placed on Sumdog for you to compete in! Practice your basic facts team – the faster the better!

You may wish to try out this link https://www.xtramath.org/home for those Math Junkies!

If anyone has old terra-cotta pots they would like to donate it would be much appreciated. We are going to make some garden art with these!

Have a fab weekend!

Camp Calamity!

Wow! What a week!

The Year 5’s spent a week exploring the Outdoors – from mountain biking to rock pools they all spent time investigating our environment, working as a team, and challenging themselves. Thanks to all the parents for their help and support!

The Year 6’s spent a wonderful week at Camp Columba, Pukerau! What an experience for both myself and the children. From abseiling, to the horizontal bungy, a waterslide in chilly conditions and ice skating, we all persisted, challenged and extended ourselves. Highlight would definitely be the mud fight RUBYJANE!!!! And the ‘It’s in the Bag’ Night – not to mention the auction held on the bus! A HUGE thank you to Karen Cracknell (Worm), Warren Leith, Tracey Maclennan (Yodeller), Stan Tiatia, Sue Flett, Jenny Stewart (Kitchen Legend), Craig Thompson, Rob Peterson, Randall Milne and John Conner for all your hard work, sleepless nights, and humor you bought to camp. We all really appreciate it! And thank you to all the Year 6 children who were well behaved, polite and funny! Thank you for challenging yourselves, persisting and making camp sooo enjoyable!

Keep an eye out for the Camp Evening – date to be confirmed! We will pass on a CD of photos to you all as well.

And now back to reality…ERO next week too!

Enjoy your week
Alice and the Spirit of 10

So far…

Kia Ora,
WOW! What a busy and exciting week we have had at school! It has been all go! We decided we would make this blog also our weekly newsletter just to keep everyone informed.

To start the term we were privileged enough to welcome and meet the crew of the Spirit of Enderby, a ship currently heading to Antarctica. We presented them with a Bon Voyage Presentation held at the Museum. What an honour to meet these people and to hear how they hope to “raise New Zealanders’ awareness of the importance of the area between Foveaux Strait and the South Pole, to highlight the reasons why it is of such value and to outline the threats and opportunities” (www.ourfarsouth.org.nz). We designed and created a flag which we hope they will fly in Antarctica. Travel safe guys!

On Sunday, Miss Casey took Ella, Caleb and Maddy to Balclutha to compete in the Agrikids Competition held in Balclutha. The Children did fantastically well, getting 8th out of 24th, and we aren’t even a farming community! Ka pai!

Ella, Caleb and Maddy - Ka Pai Guys - had a fab day with you all:)

In class we have been learning to write letters and postcards. We are going to send postcards all around the world so we can learn about other cultures. Can’t wait to receive our first postcard. I wonder where it will come from???

For our Guided Reading we are learning about Antarctica and Climate Change. We get to choose our activities and then decide where we take them.

Miss Casey got us to reflect on our week so far, here is what we said:

  • It was fun learning about antarctica and meeting the crew – Madison
  • Maths has been really fun this week – Gabby
  • Guided reading has been fun. You get to choose what you read about- calvin
  • Draft writing has been cool because we get to write letters – alec
  • I can’t wait until we start writing postcards – Ella
  • I enjoy playing the math games – Tim
  • I have enjoyed learning about penguins – Solomon
  • I’ve enjoyed working on our portraits because we have combined it with our mihi so it is more interesting – Destiny
  • I’ve enjoyed making my portrait because it is a bit different than just drawing – Logan
  • i am enjoying learning about the chickens and can’t wait until we have some- Harry
  • i’m enjoying learning about Antarctica and Global Warming – Jeromy
  • i like how I have been going to the maths program with Mrs Webster – Rubyjane
  • I liked going to see the scientists at the museum – Liam E
  • I enjoy doing athletics training – Sam
  • I enjoy playing on Sumdog because it helps me and it’s like homework but it is fun – Maddy
  • I enjoyed presenting the speech at the museum infront of everyone – Jared
  • I am enjoying the Rubbish Busters Project – Georgia
  • I enjoy writing letters to the crew – Liam M
  • I have enjoyed being a techie because I get to sort out the computer and learn things – Ash
  • I enjoy practising for athletics – Hamish
  • I enjoyed going to the Maths group with Mrs Webster because it helps me get better at maths – Hannah
  • It’s been fun making my portrait – John
We are looking forward to the next week of learning. Then we are off to Camp woohoo!
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Casey and the ‘Spirit of 10’

Hello world!

Kia Ora! Talofa! Namastae! Néih Hóu! Guten Tag! Bula! Bonjour!
Welcome to our page! We are a co-educational Primary School located at the very bottom of New Zealand. We are located 2 minutes from the sea and river and are surrounded by beautiful native bush.

We decided to create this blog so that we can explore other parts of the world; learning about your culture, food, music, dance, your climate and anything else you wish to share. Please drop us a line and tell us about yourselves. We would really love to hear about your environment too! We are focusing this year on Biodiversity and how we can do our bit! Let us know if you have an idea or two!

We hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year. Can’t wait to read about your country/town!

Ka kite ano,
Room 10, Otatara Primary School