Camp Calamity!

Wow! What a week!

The Year 5’s spent a week exploring the Outdoors – from mountain biking to rock pools they all spent time investigating our environment, working as a team, and challenging themselves. Thanks to all the parents for their help and support!

The Year 6’s spent a wonderful week at Camp Columba, Pukerau! What an experience for both myself and the children. From abseiling, to the horizontal bungy, a waterslide in chilly conditions and ice skating, we all persisted, challenged and extended ourselves. Highlight would definitely be the mud fight RUBYJANE!!!! And the ‘It’s in the Bag’ Night – not to mention the auction held on the bus! A HUGE thank you to Karen Cracknell (Worm), Warren Leith, Tracey Maclennan (Yodeller), Stan Tiatia, Sue Flett, Jenny Stewart (Kitchen Legend), Craig Thompson, Rob Peterson, Randall Milne and John Conner for all your hard work, sleepless nights, and humor you bought to camp. We all really appreciate it! And thank you to all the Year 6 children who were well behaved, polite and funny! Thank you for challenging yourselves, persisting and making camp sooo enjoyable!

Keep an eye out for the Camp Evening – date to be confirmed! We will pass on a CD of photos to you all as well.

And now back to reality…ERO next week too!

Enjoy your week
Alice and the Spirit of 10

One thought on “Camp Calamity!

  1. Camp was fun and it went quick – Ella
    I enjoyed mountain biking because everytime I went down the steep hills I almost fell off – Destiny
    The horizontal bungy was fun and hard! – Caroline
    I enjoyed having the mud fight and giving everyone mud facials – Rubyjane
    I liked waking up the boys – Gabby
    I got stuck in the mud. I had to be dug out – Ali
    I had fun biking across the rocky surface of the track – Alec
    I liked getting stuck in a hole in the mud – Emma T
    I enjoyed abseiling – Emma M
    I liked having hot showers after being freezing cold – Ash
    I enjoyed doing the flying fox because it felt like you were flying – John
    I didn’t like trying to fall asleep at night – Jeromy
    I liked going down the W on the mountain bike track – Jared
    I liked having the pillow fight – Rubyjane
    I enjoyed going ice skating until I broke my arm – Hannah (whoops Miss Casey)
    I liked holding the crabs – Tim
    I liked building huts in the bush – Ella
    I liked the concrete slide except when you land off the jump – Logan
    I liked Thursday night ‘It’s in the Bag’ – Georgia

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