Good grief! We have been so busy we have forgotten to update our blog. We are now going to do this every Friday after Jump Jam. Everyone will take turns and participate!!!

We have been learning about Friedrich Hundertwasser and his art work. He believed in recycling, using mosaic’s, getting the community involved, and not using straight lines. His work was exquisite, unique and lot’s of plummage. We have made Pillars from pots. We had to paint them with primer to keep the paint on. We then painted them lot’s of different colours. We had to mosaic tile an image that represented our community. We have now been varnishing them so the paint won’t wash off. And it makes them shiny! We put in our poles for the pillars on Friday. We had to drill the pots, dig holes, and make concrete to set them in place. This weekend we will put the pots onto the poles.

We have been receiving postcards from around the world. Our first one was from Thailand. We have also got some from Hawaii, Macquarrie Islands, Auckland, The Shetland Islands, and Australia.

For Anzac Day we made a wreath to put on the Memorial by Mcdonalds. Madison, Ella, Claudia, Jared, Gabby, Conor and Jeromy were at the parade.

We had a Market Day to raise money for the ‘Million Dollar Mouse’. This will reduce the amount of mice on the Antipodes Island so snipe, parakeets, albatrosses and penguins can be safe.

We have a class travelling friend called Sir Enderguin. He goes and stays at people’s houses for fun. He is currently in Australia with Gabby. I wonder what they will get up to?

We have been collecting Colgate Cartons for the competition. We are placed 4th so far… Everyone at school has been working hard to collect cartons for us. We appreciate it! On rainy lunchtimes we make sculptures. Our last one was a toothbrush made from 192 cartons!!!

We had Student Led Conferences. They went well! We had to reflect on our conferences and give any changes to Mrs Livingstone.

Think that is all the updates…

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